Mural Coming Soon for the Bronx :D

I am so fortunate to be working as an assistant artist with an amazing lead, youth participants, and community partners. We are still in the process of furthering the mural design to encompass the themes Freedom, Flight, and Sky. I can’t wait to show more pictures!


I’m thankful for stories, and the people who tell them. I’ve been making art since my mother’s passing, and art has honestly been the thing for me to heal healthy. 

I encountered the biggest gap between the 5 train and a Bronx platform late last month. In thinking about it, and other things related, I just didn’t want to deem that gap as an acceptable thing for anyone to consider okay and safe. I know that we settle for the sake of something or some person. Reflecting on this for days forced me to acknowledge that there were things in my own life that I’ve been complacent and too comfortable with.

I’ve ignored some wrongs, and that’s not changing things for the better. Walking away from something or someone’s toxic behavior is changing for the better.