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Thank you Fanta


Art Expressions: Ify Chiejina

"My mother passed away recently in February of 2014. The state of my own self-awareness and confidence before my mother’s death was in uninterrupted flux. After she died, those changes pushed me to seek stability. I have to be responsible for nurturing and taking care of my whole self. I have to be responsible for asking for help when I am in need. My mother was always cognitive of the fact that I had a strong interest in the arts, and thankfully she did bless my decision to be an artist, but her support came through my display of perseverance. She wasn’t the biggest advocate in me pursuing visual art professionally. She feared that I would struggle more than my counterparts pursuing careers in medicine or law. But essentially everybody struggles in an infinite number of ways. To me, being an artist means being your own superhero." - Ify

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Immense Blessings

I am feeling incredibly speechless and overwhelmed right now.

My artwork is featured on Thank you Yagazie! You have a courageous spirit.

Thank you Ijeoma! You have such a beautiful gift, and I’m so glad that we’ve connected.

There are so many things, good and bad, that have happened to me this year. Despite the things that have brought me stress, sadness, and uncertainty, I do feel more whole and balanced because of all the blessings God and the universe have sent my way.

Today makes six months since my mother’s burial. Mom, I love you so much for loving me always!


pausing my writing/editing to admire the raw talent of ifyxpressions. Glory!

Oh my goodness Ijeoma! You keep making me speechless :) 

God is good!

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Your "Immigrants. First Generation." broke my heart. Because I live in a country where most of the construction/labour workers are from South Asia, just like me, and it kills me to see how poorly they're treated here.


I wrote that piece in the middle of the night with a few people in mind. I wrote that piece in about fifteen minutes on my cellphone, i was crying at the end of that piece. I have been blessed to experience some of the most amazing people from different parts of the world who may not have worshipped the way i did, who called God or didn’t even call God at all, people who do not even look like me. I have met people who spoke english with a broken tongue, their face lighting up when they speak of a home so far away, i have been blessed to meet people who will never get as much as their children but will bend their back, bow their heads and answer “yes sir” so their children will have a better life than them. Those are success stories to me. They are the souls who might not have completed secondary school but can discuss politics with others as they wait for their next passenger. I have met people so gifted, so holy and so pure who have given me advice in their taxis, who have told me their stories about their beautiful India, Turkey, Pakistan, Peru and their gorgeous Afghanistan. So, i wrote that piece for them. I did not want to post it here, i just wanted to write it for those who made me see the world with their stories. I do not and will never believe in this nonsense that heroes have to appear in magazines, have to be all proper and have to have “succeeded” in some way that is westernized for me to honor them. I wrote that piece for heroes who will be buried far away from home or brought back home with their people dancing and welcoming them with their native tongue. So, thank you for relating to that piece. Writing for me is spiritual. Thank you. 

Ijeoma Umebinyuo.